Watch UNLEASHED Promo Video – When Fetish Hits The Dance Floor!

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When fetish hits the dance floor!
Fetish fantasy clubbing sensation around the globe.

UNLEASHED parties fuse gay and straight with a playful and attractive crowd who is looking for fetish fantasies in complete freedom and festive spirit; we invite you to UNLEASH your desires…

Dress code: Leather, rubber, pvc, lingerie, cross-dress, mini bikini, metal, elegant (complete suit dark), fetish-glam, medical, fetish-goth, burlesque, body art, sensual, corsets, incognito masks, bondage, erotic dark, transformation, drag, cyber, fantasy, uniform and fetish steam-punk – No street clothes.

UNLEASHED is an adult’s playground for fetishists and sensualists. Dance, play and explore pleasures in a free atmosphere.

From fetish to fashion, from erotica to sexy, from bondage to burlesque, from fantasy to cosplay, from adult entertainment to kink, from nude to masquerade. UNLEASHED brings you the best of all sensuality worlds under one roof, in a unique sensational event. What’s your fetish..?!